Graphic artist, illustrator, painter, sculptor, musician.


Born in 1971, graduated from The Academy of Fine Arts (ASP) in Krakow.

Diploma at the Faculty of Sculpture at the studio of Prof. St. Borzecki, with the annex of drawing at the studio of Prof. B. Salwinski, 1996.


Member of the Association of Polish Artists and Designers.


His works are in private collections in the country and abroad.

For the last 20 years cooperating with advertising agencies, dealing with creation of advertising campaigns, widely understood  advertising graphics, web design, multimedia presentations, visual identification systems, video production, etc. Experience supported by a number of realizations for both domestic and foreign customers.


Founder of the family artistic group "three generations" (2017)


Participation in individual and collective exhibitions.


1994 – Individual Exhibition of Drawing, Radio ZET Club, Krakow

1996 – II Triennial of Polish Contemporary Drawing, Lubaczow

1996 – Confrontations of the youngest artists of Cracow, Myslenice

1997 – 97 Drawing, Przemysl

1998 – Individual Drawing Exhibition, BWA Rzeszow

1998 – ZPAP Biennial, Art Exhibition of the Rzeszow ZPAP District, Rzeszow

1998 – III Fine Arts Auction for patients with leukemia, Starmach Gallery, Krakow

1999 – IV Fine Arts Auction for patients with leukemia, Starmach Gallery, Krakow

2000 – Wodniccy Family Exhibition, House of Art, Rzeszow

2001 – Drawing Exhibition, CITY CENTER, Warsaw

2003 – Drawing Exhibition, Market 6 Gallery, Jaroslaw

2004 – 33 Group & Friends, Market 6 Gallery, Jaroslaw

2006 – Exhibition of Drawing and Graphics, Market 6 Gallery, Jaroslaw

2007 – Exhibition of Drawing and Graphics, MDK Gallery, Lubaczow

2010 – Individual Exhibition of Drawing and Graphics, Attavanti Gallery, Jaroslaw,

2010 – “ Let's live this one more time”, Attavanti Gallery, Jaroslaw

2014 – Trienniale of Polish Contemporary Drawing, Wroclaw

2016 – “Creatively through life”, Municipal Cultural Centre, Rudnik nad Sanem

2017 – 3 Generations - Market 6 Gallery, Jaroslaw

2017 – 3 Generations - "Gallery at the highest level",  Elektromontaż Rzeszow S.A., Rzeszów




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